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Lisa Donato-O'keefe reviewed Elite Martial Arts Academy
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I did the 6 week challenge and loved it. The instructors were hard and the work out was definitely a challenge but all of us had a fun and I would recommend it to jump start your exercise plan. Thanks Hany!

Jane Lai reviewed Elite Martial Arts Academy
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Seen some outstanding changes between all the students and myself throughout the years training at EMA. It really teaches you the visions of discipline, focus, perseverance, confidence, and more in a fun and active environment. The instructors are very knowledgeable, teaching you all the tools you need to set you up for success, not just in the dojo, but outside of the dojo.

Krissy Plaza reviewed Elite Martial Arts Academy
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The instructors at Elite in Morganville are incredible. The facility is clean, the environment is nurturing and friendly, and I've never never seen a single employee or instructor without a smile on their face. My Little Dragon LOVES it there and has learned a great deal (about respect and trust just as much as blocks and stances) in two short months.
Today, she had her fifth birthday party there and Sensei Ryan and Deshi Franco and Deshi Raphael were fantastic with the kids. They kept twenty, five year olds completely entertained and well-behaved. They came in on a Sunday for us because we couldn't find a Saturday in December to do it. I couldn't be more satisfied with her birthday party. They truly went above and beyond.
I really can't say enough good things about the people and this place!!

Marissa Cohen reviewed Elite Martial Arts Academy
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I partook in the 6 week intensive Krav Maga course, and I have never been so impressed. Not only do I feel better, more agile, and stronger I also look it. In 6 weeks, I lost 10lbs, two pants sizes and 2 dress sizes. Hany, the instructor, was amazing, motivating and knowledgeable, and a fearless leader that brought out the best in us. Whether it's for conditioning your body, losing weight, or self defense training, I would recommend EMA and Hany 100 times over!!

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